Mole control


There are actually six different kinds of moles in North America and three of them find their way into yards and gardens.  Moles can grow up to eight inches long and weigh up to six ounces, and are capable of having a litter of six babies.  Moles primarily eat insects and worms, and can cause major damage to lawns by digging, burrowing tunnels, and also damaging plant root systems.  A common cause of mole infestation is over-watering.  Over watering your lawn can increase the number of worms and also brings them closer to the surface which encourages moles to move in.  Once they get into your yard, they can multiply surprisingly quick, and getting rid of moles can be incredibly difficult.


Once moles get into your yard and have a chance to develop a tunnel network, it becomes harder to get rid of them.  Moles have been known to dig tunnels at a rate of 18 feet per hour.  Imagine the damage a family of moles can do in a week!  There are many different mole control and removal methods and products both humane and deadly.  Some work, some definitely do not.  Often times moles come into an area, burrow holes and tunnels, and then leave a week or two later after they have eaten all of the food in that area.  They may move to another part of your yard or garden, or possibly to a neighbor’s yard.  A few weeks later, they might be back in your yard.  This constant movement creates the misperception that some mole repellents, deterrents, and removal methods work, when actually the moles have just moved on to an area with more food.

There are all sorts of methods on how to get rid of moles out there, from pickle juice, broken glass, razor blades, bleach, moth balls, rose branches, ultrasonic devices, and more.  There are also different methods of killing moles including poisons, explosives, and more. The problem is most of these do not work, and can cause harm to the environment, other animals, and of course children and adults who play in your yard.  Mole traps are an effective and humane method of yard mole removal, but then you have to deal with a live mole in a trap which is a particularly scary thought for many of us!


The experts at Repellex® have taken natural mole repellents and deterrent and combined them using modern science to create a revolutionary new patented formula that is incredibly effective, humane, and safe for the environment and humans.  Get rid of moles using Repellex® Systemic Tablets, which deliver a concentrate of hot pepper straight to the plants’ roots that is absorbed at a molecular level.  When pests like moles try to eat the plant roots or material they are repulsed by the taste and forced to leave the area.  They learn that plants in your yard are not edible, and move to another area.

Repellex® Mole and Gopher repellent offers another solution to help you get rid of moles in your yard.  Repellex® mole repellent prevents moles from digging and burrowing in your lawn by absorbing into the soil and forming a protective repellent coating around the plants in your yard or garden.  We offer both granular and spray repellents.  The spray absorbs and starts working faster, but the granular product lasts longer.  We recommend using the spray on the initial application and then use the granular for lasting benefits.

Repellex® mole repellent products are totally humane as they do not kill or harm the animals, and instead repels them from burrowing in your yard, and deters them from eating your plants.  Our products will not only keep moles from ever entering your yard and digging in your lawn, but it will also keep them away as they act as natural deterrents.  Repellex® offers a safe and effective solution to getting moles out of your yard and keeping them out!

At Repellex® we pride ourselves on providing you with safe and effective interventions that will put an end to the headaches brought by animals and other pests that wander into your garden. No more worries about introducing toxins into your environment when you try to get rid of pesky pests and malicious animals. With our natural pest repellents, such as the gopher repellent product, you get something that work and work safely!