Deer are beautiful creatures with over 100 types found all over the world. The most common type of deer in North America is the Whitetail deer. Deer are the only animals that have antlers, which is the fastest growing living tissue known to man. Their antlers grow, harden, and fall off every year. They have an amazingly acute sense of hearing, especially due to their ability to turn their ears in any direction without moving their heads and being able to hear higher frequency sounds than humans can. Their eyes are on the sides of their head, which gives them over a 300 degree view, and they also have good night vision. Deer also have a great sense of smell, which helps them detect predators and other deer from very far away. They are capable of running up to forty miles per hour, can jump incredibly high (up to ten feet), and are also excellent swimmers. They are exclusively herbivores and eat only plants like grass, stems, leaves, herbs, mushrooms, berries, wild fruit, as well as crops like corn and soy beans.

As majestic as these creatures are, they can cause serious damage to gardens, farmlands, and yards. Deer usually stay in the same general area known as a home range, which is shared by related female deer. They typically live in “edge” habitats which are natural or human-made breaks where woods and plains come together. They graze in the grasslands and use the woods for shelter and cover. This causes problems when their habitats are close to farmlands and peoples’ gardens because the deer venture into them and eat the plants.

Over half of the farmers in the United States suffer crop damage due to Whitetail deer every year. This causes millions of dollars in damage and losses, not including all of the damage done to yards and gardens in suburban areas as well. Set loose in your garden, deer will eat up your flowers, grass, vegetables, fruit, and anything else they find very quickly. This is why home owners and farmers spend so much time and money trying to keep deer away and out of their garden and farmlands.

There are many deer deterrents that people try, with some success. However, deer are like people, and what works to deter one deer may not work on the next deer that strolls into your garden. A fence is your best bet, but make sure it is at least eight feet high and does not have gaps larger than six inches. Deer are also afraid of climbing over things, so putting pallets around your yard if you’re in a particularly wooded area can work well. You can also plant a hedge of natural deer deterrents like boxwoods or short needle spruces. Another method is to string fishing line around your plants about three feet above the ground which will confuse deer and ultimately deters them. Sometimes it is effective to impair their sense of smell by tying strips of fabric softener or bars of soap around your garden. Using human hair, rotten eggs, and garlic can also work. Another solution is motion activated sprinklers or lights, which will scare deer off when set off.


Repellex® offers three different options for deer repellents made from natural ingredients that are completely safe and humane. Our signature product, Repellex® Systemic Tablets, delivers a concentrated solution of hot pepper straight to the plants’ roots that is absorbed at a molecular level. This makes the plants inedible to deer and other animals. Since the formula is protected within the plants’ cells, it does not wash off in the rain or degrade overtime due to sunlight and other weather conditions. This lasts up to one year and is very effective on inedible plants, and is not intended for use on edible plants.

Repellex® has also created a specific Deer and Rabbit Repellent spray made from dried bloodmeal, garlic, cinnamon, and other natural ingredients. It is used as a topical spray and is designed to stick to leafy and woody surfaces which create a protective coating around your plants. Its predator-like scent deters deer from entering your garden, and if they do, the taste will deter them even more. This formula also contains natural adhesives which makes it last up to 90 days

Whichever solution you choose from Repellex® you will be pleased with the results. Also, since there are no harmful poisons or pesticides, these products are safe to use in yards and gardens where children play. Safe and effective, Repellex® repellents are the best way to keep deer out of your garden and away for good!

At Repellex® we pride ourselves on providing you with safe and effective interventions that will put an end to the headaches brought by animals and other pests that wander into your garden. No more worries about introducing toxins into your environment when you try to get rid of pesky pests and malicious animals. With our natural pest repellents, such as the gopher repellent product, you get something that work and work safely!